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Apr 18, 2016

Moving Units – Damage With Care

(Metropolis Records)

The Los Angeles-based dance rock pioneers Moving Units have just unleashed their adrenaline fueled fourth release titled Damage With Care. I’ll start by saying that this is one of those albums you’ll want to listen to when you need all your cares to melt away. Trust me, they’ll be gone as soon as the indie new wave dance pop beats of “Hyatt Girls” invade your aural senses. From there the excitement continues with the fresh, funky vibe of “Opposite of Rhyming.” (Click link for free download) “Wishful Thinking” will make you want to hit the dance floor as will the retro disco vibe of “Fragile Magic” and “War on the Floor.” Try all you want to resist but the catchy upbeat nature Damage With Care will have you hooked. This album bursts with excitement and energy – fusing dance, pop, alt-rock, funk, disco, and punk into one neat little package. It’s a non-stop dance party from beginning to end. – NIN


  1. Thanks for the rad review Nikki! Glad to hear you're feelin the music! M>U

    1. I'm totally digging this album! One of my favs.


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