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Sep 5, 2014

FBA360 Emerging Designer Contest

Are you an emerging designer looking to get your career off the ground? If so, then you’ll want to enter FBA360’s Kick Start Your Career contest. Three designers will win a spot in the FBA360 Kick Start Your Career Bootcamp, hotel and airfare to NYC, and a guided tour of the Fashion District and mentor session with FBA360 founder Liza Deyrmenjian. In order to enter you’ll need to submit a photo or sketch of your best work and encourage your friends and family to vote for you. The three designers with the most votes win! Submissions will be accepted until October 1st and voting starts September 8th. Click here to enroll. – NIN

Sep 2, 2014

Outasight - Anchor Down

(RPM MSC Dist)

When an artist takes a break from the center stages (The X Factor and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to name a few) and comes back and presents an album that was put together by just his say you might shudder and think of how horrible or get chills of how good it might be. Outasight, our dear readers, is the latter. The single “Anchor Down,” which hit airwaves end of July, lives up to its name and leaves you anchored down listening on repeat while you take a moment to enjoy the hip-hop-esque beats partnered with a unique voice rapping about an unexpected love.

Sep 1, 2014

Everything Goes Cold - Black Out The Sun

Founded by Eric Gottesman (formerly of Psyclon Nine) Everything Goes Cold has carved out a credible niche in the coldwave genre. Black Out The Sun blend’s the Cali based industrial unit’s old school sound with a modern twist and stylistic markers that are clever and articulate. The album derives its character via the inclusion of 8-bit video game tones courtesy of an original Nintendo system.

Aug 25, 2014

Information Society _hello world

(Hakatak International) 

One of electronic music’s most influential bands, Information Society, is back! Featuring the original founding members Paul Robb (synths), Kurt Larson (vocals) and James Cassidy (bass, keyboards), the group’s new release _hello world blends InSoc’s core sound—warm analog style synths, odd samples, and great beats—with modern pop influences. While all of the tracks emit the Minneapolis based electro unit’s distinct vibe, none sound the same and there is a nice flow from beginning to end.

Aug 22, 2014

Nicole Boutique

Established in the 1980’s, Nicole boutique offers high style for the customer who wants nothing less than top quality.  Upon entering this fashionable shop, the sleek décor and modern design foreshadow the variety of clothes and accessories – ranging from timeless pieces to special occasion items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Aug 18, 2014

Mustered Courage – Powerlines

(Travianna Records)

Hailing from Down Under, Mustered Courage is an expert band of songwriters/musicians that breathe new life in the genre of bluegrass. Their latest release, Powerlines, propels the Melbourne based quartet into the current mainstream with its distinct sound that bridges the gap between traditional bluegrass and mainstream folk pop.

The record features a blend of melodic toe-tappers that derive their character from the inclusion of a banjo, mandolin, and fiddle.  It’s hard to listen to Powerlines and not feel good by the end of it. Standouts include: “Standin’ by Your Side,” “Behind the Bullet,” “My Hometown,” and “Still Shining.” Do yourself a favor and check these guys out. They’re on tour through October, and their live show will blow you away. In the meantime, enjoy the video for “Standin’ by Your Side” and download their new album. It’s probably the most pleasantly surprising release of the year. – NIN

Aug 1, 2014

Annabella And The Secret Of The Mirrors Release Party

When I first met Alan McCune and Enrique Godoy Ynzenga (the duo behind Skinny Executives) I knew they were something special. Not only that, but the services their company offers are truly unique. Although they hail from two different backgrounds, together the striking duo are the perfect pair and the combination of their talents is what allows Skinny Executives to be a one stop shop for all your fashion, travel, domestic, and event planning needs.

I always enjoy catching up with Alan and Enrique and am always impressed with how much they accomplish in a single day. So, when I heard that Alan was writing a book I wasn’t surprised (even though I was).

Jul 21, 2014

Two Point Oh! LA 5th Annual Picnic

Two Point Oh! LA turned 5 this year and to celebrate Kelsi Smith held the annual picnic at the W Westwood. The classy event featured a gourmet spread from the W’s kitchen and the hotel provided a nice atmosphere for bloggers to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I have to say, Kelsi and her crew really outdid themselves this year.

Jul 18, 2014


Uniqlo is an Urban style, casual wear line based in Japan that places an emphasis on comfort. To celebrate the lifewear brand’s upcoming store launches they’ve partnered with Two Point Oh LA! to produce a series of short films featuring some of L.A.’s rising stars. Each video follows an individual as they spend a day in the city (and surrounding areas) visiting their favorite haunts and showcasing their work. The first six of twelve mini features in the series have been released featuring:  

Jul 9, 2014

NoNoNo – We Are Only What We Feel

I’ve patiently waited for NoNoNo’s debut, We Are Only What We Feel. Mainly because I wanted to see what the collaboration between production duo Astma and Rocwell and singer Stina Wäppling would come up with. The Swedish trio’s Urban-Indie, beat-oriented sound is a synthy production that layers delicate vocals over an atmospheric electro pop foundation. My overall fav, “Pumpin Blood” is the most anthemic tune on here. However, there are a few other gems nestled in between, such as “Echo,” “Like The Wind,” and “Fire Without a Flame.” – NIN  

Jul 3, 2014

18% Off At ICJUK

Designer Claire Jane and the ICJUK team want to wish you a happy and safe fourth and they’re doing it by offering 18% off on all items including those already on sale. Starting today and ending Sunday night you’ll receive 18% off your order at by entering coupon code INDEPENDENCE at checkout. – NIN

Jun 17, 2014

DSTLD – Premium Denim At An Affordable Price

This past Saturday the folks at DSTLD hosted a “Fitting Affair” in order to introduce a number of stylish gals to their new denim line. Founded by co-founders Corey Epstein, Mark Lynn and Steffen Hoffman, DSTLD’s goal is to provide phenomenally fitting, premium jeans at a third of the traditional retail cost. They do this by removing traditional retail impurities—like the middleman and the markup—leaving behind the essential elements of denim: high-quality material, expert tailoring, and the client. Hence the brand’s moniker, which was derived from the word “distill” meaning to purify and refine until only the essential remains.

Jun 10, 2014

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer

In 2008 Industrial scene promoter, musician, and DJ Jim Semonik was diagnosed with a very deadly form of stage 2B colorectal cancer. Wanting to do his part to fight this vile disease he assembled everyone he worked with over the years and created Electronic Saviors. The result was a massive outpouring of music from over 80 artists all over the world. In celebration of 5 years cancer free Jim is releasing Electronic Saviors Vol 3: Remission – Industrial Music To Cure Cancer on June 10th in conjunction with Metropolis Records. The limited edition, four CD box set features new and exclusive tracks from some pretty killer acts including Combichrist, 16 Volt, Hate Dept, Aesthetic, Perfection, Panic Lift, Ego Likeness, Left Spine Down, Stromkern, Rein, and many more. A premium edition box set is also available. Click here to order yours and support the fight against cancer. – NIN

Jun 6, 2014

Open Runway Is Back!

The first season of Open Runway was a success so the Los Angeles Fashion Council is doing it again, which is great news for emerging designers based in Los Angeles. Open Runway is a unique way for new designers to showcase their work. Once a month, during the summer, 5 designers will have the opportunity to present their looks on the runway in a live fashion show to be held at the W Hotel, Los Angeles. Three finalists will advance to the finale in September and the winner will showcase during LA Fashion Week in October.  In addition to her L.A. Fashion Week debut, last season’s winner Rose La Grua (That’s Totally Fine) was selected to participate in Tokyo Fashion Week. So don’t wait - click here to apply. (Show dates are June 28th, July 26th, August 30th, and September 27th.) – NIN

Jun 4, 2014

MYAVA Watches: IndieGoGo Campaign Launch

We’re all familiar with the “Cause Wristband.” You probably have at least one or two. We’ll 24 year-old Christian Panaligan has taken the “Cause” accessory one step further with MYAVA Watches. 

Inspired by his profession (a registered nurse), Christian (who was also a victim of bullying) developed the MYAVA Watch line to help children suffering from a variety issues. Thus, the company’s moniker stands for MY Accessory Voicing Awareness. 

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