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Apr 19, 2016

SKOLD – The Undoing


Skold’s The Undoing is the album that almost wasn’t. Originally slated for an April 2014 release it was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Two years later Skold’s second CD will finally be revealed on April 22nd .

Having honed his chops with KMFDM and Marilyn Manson (to name a few) Tim Skold is no stranger to the industrial/darkwave/goth scene. The Undoing brings together the best elements of the multi-instrumentalist/producer’s various endeavors and combines them into one neat little package. Great guitar riffs, energetic drum beats, extensive programming, and angst fueled lyrics all clash together to give this disc its unique appeal.

The whole record kills but stand-out tracks are “Escape,” “The Oldest Profession,” “Chasing Demons,” “Wake Up and Die,” and “The Bleeding Heart.” – NIN


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