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Apr 13, 2010

Interview with Rachael Feigelson - Designer : Love Child (Project Ethos)

Tell us about your style and where you draw your influence from?
My style is romantic, boho chic. I am influenced by a number of things…one being my mom; who was a hippie in the 60's and 70's and had a great sense of fashion. Somehow in Junior high I picked that up even though it was the 90's. I love things that are comfortable and very versatile to wear. Nature and the raw, true beauty of it is another influence of mine. Also, high fashion Paris runway is another. I would love one day to have a fashion show that would remind people of some of those designers.

Tell us about your style and where you draw your influence from?
Being a designer has taught me more patience since you are constantly waiting on others to carry out your vision. Also, I have learned that what you see in your mind isn't always the final product…in a good and bad way!

What was the inspiration for this collection?
This collection was inspired by Nicole Richie. I love her sense of style and envisioned her as my client.

Can you tell me a bit about the fabrics you used?
I used printed chiffon's, solid and foiled matte jersey, dull satin, rayon jersey, and printed and solid clip dot. I used a lot of see though fabrics because they are comfortable, easy to put on, and go with everything. I also thought about how people dress easy with a touch of trend so I used a lot of jersey. Not everybody is a size 2 but you can look it!!
Who are your style icons?
Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, Marry-Kate and Ashley Olson, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Lopez.

How do you feel art, fashion, and music influence each other?
I think anyone artistic fells more than other people in general about everything. Some think that is weird but I think it's beautiful. It's so inspiring when you hear a song that was written from the heart and it moves you. Sometimes it can even move you so much that you will paint something or feel liberated to go and take some photographs in nature. To me art, music, and fashion are all ways to express yourself and that is how they will influence you.

Where can people purchase your designs?
No one can purchase things yet but I look forward to being in stores one day.

For professional inquiries about Rachael/Love Child contact:

Interview by Nikki Neil, Photo courtesy of Runway Icon

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