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Apr 14, 2010

Interview with Tommy Howarth – Artist (Project Ethos)

Tell us about your style and what influences your art?

Many things can influence a painting. I would say the main thing, for me, is the ritual it creates. It's a type of routine where everything must line up and be in order before things start to work. Music is the driving force behind the speed and direction I take a painting in. The mood must be created before I can work from that point ideas seem to flow easier.

Can you tell me a bit about the materials you use?
I started painting with acrylic but soon realized it wasn't for me. I was trying to use acrylics like oils with multiple layers on top of each other. Colors dried in a matter of minutes and I felt very tied down. When I was introduced to oils, in all honesty, it was intimidating…so many different mediums, chemicals, bottles, and hazards. I am a big fan of all heavy glazes.

What has being an artist taught you?
It's taught me patience, perseverance, and persistence. At times there may be no drive to paint or create. These dry spells stir something up inside that makes you feel guilty. This feeling of being indebted to something…to an ability…it's what continues to push me.

How do you feel art, fashion, and music influence each other?
I feel that they feed off each other. Music will take from art and fashion the same as art will use music. They have an almost symbiotic relationship with one another. Each owe each other for their existence and each can only be measured by its influences. Each of these types of "art" continue to push the boundaries of what is expected. You can see examples today…how a mega-pop star like Lady Gaga is known for music, but in order to describe her you would be forced to use fashion or artistic styles as a reference.

What artists do you admire?
I admire any artist that had to go through mental torment to create. I admire the struggle. This is always apparent in the art, and art that makes you go "Wow, what was he thinking?" always makes for a better conversation.

What would you like to be remembered for?
At this time in my life I would like to be remembered for the style of art I produce. A nice blend of beauty and what some might feel is unsettling. It seems that the more shocking or obscene is better remembered than say…a pleasant landscape. By going for only one of these I would limit my potential audience.

Where can people purchase your work?
Currently, the art show would be the only place to view it directly. I plan to have a website that allows you to purchase affordable prints online. This would be ideal. In the very near future, I assure you.

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Interview by Nikki Neil

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