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Mar 16, 2012

L’Une at Style Fashion Week

On Wednesday I was back at Vibiana to see L’Une’s presentation of the Breakable Collection, which was inspired by designer AnhVolcek’s upcoming surgery. Through these creations she explored the unveiling and the opening of the body through draping and sea urchin like embellishments were incorporated to represent protection.

Upon arrival guests were handed a white balloon. They were asked to write a sin or a wish on a piece of paper and attach it to the balloon before setting it free. For Anh, the white balloon was a representation of letting go the chronic pain that she will be free of after her surgery.

Dressed in their avant-garde attire, the models looked amazing on stage. It’s obvious Anh spends a lot of time on her creations, which truly are museum worthy. I’ve been told that sometimes she’ll spend 3 weeks or more on just one piece. For some of the looks she used computer and cable equipment to show the idea of being disconnected. For example, a white dinner jacket featured a collar comprised of over 2000 black plastic zip ties. Some of the models wore very ornate head pieces and also sported plastic cuffs and collar necklaces that represented deformed bones and looked like they were made from melted wax. Through these accessories Anh wanted to show how the body heals itself and the beauty of that transformation.  

The red “iceberg” bustier showcased her signature work with molded plastic and shattered glass. Check out this clip to see it in action.    

Anh was very excited that the red dress made of mesh with sequins from L’Une’s Breakable Collection was picked to be featured in the American Heart Association’s “Go Red” Fashion Show. She may also be participating in the San Diego Fashion Week events this October. We'll keep you posted.   

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil

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