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Dec 14, 2011

Icona Pop: “Nights Like This"

(Ten – X5 Music Group)

Icona Pop can best be described as the female duo version of MGMT and the face of Urban Outfitters. While they’re still up and coming and putting together their first album, I’d like to say that our dear friends from across the pond will deliver something far from mediocre. Their current EP, out for sharing, titled “Nights Like This” is a literal blend of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”, simple girlish voices, and the makings of a girl’s night out anthem. While this particular track may seem very calm and lacking in the loud bass drops the rhythm definitely does not fall short. It is most refreshing to hear something old mixed with the new and still have a tasteful sound. Click on the link and be sure to check out their webpage at where you can watch the video for “Nights Like This” and check out their other EP titled Manners. Icona Pop is definitely on my list of highly anticipated albums for 2012.
Melissa Moreno

What do you think? Is Icona Pop too poppish for your taste? Or is it in the perfect realm of poppiness for your music library? Post your comments below.

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