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Dec 12, 2011

Fundamental: Performing Arts Show

The other night I had the pleasure of attending a Fashion/Art installation featuring Cornelius Perino, Lars Gellersen, and Cindy Gellersen.
Cornelius Perino is a very noted artist from Berlin who creates artwork using gas induced fire. His current installation featured a variety of copper shapes inside a wire light bulb frame. Towards the end of the evening Cornelius powered up the installations so we could see display in all its glory. These artistic creations were made for indoor and outdoor use and they were quite fascinating when lit.

Lars Gellersen of ARTSTRUC Inc. provided the concrete bases for Cornelius’ installations and he also made the wood display case for the Bagstil handbags. Lars is a very talented individual who works wonders with concrete and wood.

The lovely Cindy Gellersen is the creative force behind Bagstil. The concept of the line was born out of her need to find a practical bag that was functional and sexy. Cindy was born in Germany and you can see the European influence in her line. However, she’s a California girl at heart, which is why her handmade bags are very cutting edge. Most are made out of Borello leather and feature interchangeable pockets and unique hardware.

Cindy had the SS 2012 collection out on display, which included a Smart Phone Wallet that expands to fit a variety of phones. The attached clip also functions as a money clip or a belt clip. She also had glass cases made from Dakota leather that come with a belt clip and a magnetic closure. The women’s version is larger to accommodate oversized sunglasses. In addition to the variety of clutches, belt bags, and classic leather satchels there were also matching accessories like the debossed cobra skin cuff. Be sure to check out the entire line at

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil


  1. Looks like an amazing show! Wish I could have been there.

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