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Sep 27, 2011

Em and Co Pop-Up Shop

Once a month Em and Co features a revolving selection of collections by L.A. based designers. This month’s Pop-Up/Fashion Installation featured new looks from Petro Zillia, LisaMichelle, Tiffany Kunz, and Black Tree Couture.

Being a fan of Lisa Felsenthal’s work I was anxious to see what new designs she had come up with for her LisaMichelle collection. Lisa was very excited about her new accessories. She also showed me a number of new pieces that are perfect for the holidays. I especially loved the relaxed trousers and satin wrap halter top, which is available in white, red, and light green.

Actress/singer Lauren Mayhew showed her support and love of the line by wearing one of the current pieces – a cream colored one-shoulder draped dress that is a signature look of the LisaMichelle collection. Lauren looked absolutely stunning in the dress. She could easily add model to her résumé. Lauren’s alter ego Mayhem fronts the all girl performance group Rock Candy. They perform two Saturdays a month at Rolling Stone Restaurant located in Hollywood and Highland, so be sure to check them out. 

Many a fashionistas are sad that the recent slump in the economy may have led to the closure of the Petro Zillia boutique on West 3rd street, but they will be happy to know that a number of Nony’s whimsical creations can be found at Em and Co. Petro Zillia’s flirty blouses, crochet mini’s, and polka dot prints pay homage to vintage fashion. Celebs such as Paris Hilton, Fergie, and Madonna are fans of Nony’s bold colors and retro designs.

Eco-conscious jewelry designer Tiffany Kunz is known for her bold and striking creations.  Tiffany constructs jewelry out of rough stones and reclaimed metals. Hammered and hand forged, her pieces have an earthy yet modern look. Tiffany is also a certified gemologist and her expertise is reflected in the quality of stones used in her collections. Her jewelry is so unique that she is often asked to create custom collections and pieces for designers (such as Chemline), boutiques, t.v. shows, and movies.

Black Tree Couture had some interesting pieces including a bubble Lucite necklace with bits of fabric inside that resembled the signature Burberry print. Designer Xavier Madera’s specializes in custom wire-wrapped earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made from 24kt gold overlay and feature genuine faceted and polished gemstones and Swarovski crystals. He also takes custom orders and often designs specialty pieces for Red Carpet events.

Select pieces from each of these designers’ collections can be purchased at Em and Co, which is located at 7940 West 3rd St. L.A. 90048

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil

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