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Feb 27, 2017

Manuelle Scarves Now On The West Coast

I’m excited to announce the West Coast debut of Manuelle Scarves. Beginning in March L.A. fashionistas can purchase designer Manny Sanchez’ unique digitally printed scarves, kaftans, and tote bags at Artist and Fleas and Smorgasburg L.A.

 These fabulous accessories feature limited edition photographs from Manny’s travels abroad and local scenery from the East and West Coast.

In addition to the weekly markets and his site you can pick up Manny’s fabulous creations at the Museum of Natural History, the COEUR Tradeshow, the Metropolitan Museum NY, and at the following:

1. O'rama's (Massachusetts)
2. Susanna (Massachusetts)
3. The Tenth Muse Gallery (New Jersey)
4. The Thistle (Wyoming)
5. The Urban Muse Gallery (New Jersey)
6. (Brooklyn)
7. Women and their Work (Austin, Texas)
8. Arlene's Boutique (New York)
9. B-Happy (Massachusetts)
10. American Museum of Natural History (New York)
11. Smithsonian (Washington DC)
12. Newseum Store (Washington DC)
13. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)
14. Inspirati (Calgary, Canada)
15. Otto Boutique (Brooklyn)
16. The Real Designer's Market (Manhattan)
17. Knack (New Jersey)
18. Minneapolis Institute of Art (Minnesota)
19. M.A.D Museum (Manhattan)
20. Nassau County Museum of Art (Long Island, Ny)
21. The One Eyed Turtle (New Jersey)
24. Artist and Fleas (on-line Store)

These beautiful works of art are vibrant, flattering, and are great conversation pieces that make them a must have for your wardrobe. Stay tuned for more updates.- NIN


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