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Mar 14, 2016

Laura Carbone – Sirens

(Aporia Records)

Berlin chanteuse Laura Carbone’s arresting voice is sure to captivate you on her solo debut Sirens. The album, which is already creating a buzz overseas, wears its influences on its sleeves – channeling 80s/90s darkwave pop. Crafty songwriting combined with brooding melodies and Carbone’s silver-tongued lyrics also add to the appeal.

The sultry “Silky Road” kicks off this enticing release and sets the tone of what’s to follow. “Swans” rocks ala 80s New Wave (check out the video here.) “Innocent” is an upbeat tune that packs a lot of punch. “Blue Birds Fly” is catchy and addictive, while the appropriately titled “Exes” is sexy and seductive. Carbone’s Riot Grrrl influences shine through on “Plan of Attack,” and “Late Night Conversations” is a hand clapping, foot stomping lil’ ditty that will have the dance floor shaking.

Sirens ends on a high note with “Favorite Disease” – another catchy tune that will subliminally entice you to hit repeat. Do yourself a favor and download this release. It’s catchy as hell, fun to listen to, and equally great for the dance floor. – NIN


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