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Sep 1, 2014

Everything Goes Cold - Black Out The Sun

Founded by Eric Gottesman (formerly of Psyclon Nine) Everything Goes Cold has carved out a credible niche in the coldwave genre. Black Out The Sun blend’s the Cali based industrial unit’s old school sound with a modern twist and stylistic markers that are clever and articulate. The album derives its character via the inclusion of 8-bit video game tones courtesy of an original Nintendo system.

A dark, ambient instrumental “SL.R1S” kicks things off before all hell breaks loose on “The Joke.” From there hard-edged guitars and Gottesman’s acidic wails escort you through hard hitting anthems like “Henchman Follows Hand,” “IAMERROR,” and “The Iron Fist of Just Destruction.”

Synth-driven and relentless, the songs are quick and to the point and each segues nicely into the next. It’s almost impossible to remain still while listening to Black Out The Sun. It’s a very solid offering that features a number of varied and intriguing tracks that will fare well on the dancefloor and in a live setting.  NIN

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