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Aug 25, 2014

Information Society _hello world

(Hakatak International) 

One of electronic music’s most influential bands, Information Society, is back! Featuring the original founding members Paul Robb (synths), Kurt Larson (vocals) and James Cassidy (bass, keyboards), the group’s new release _hello world blends InSoc’s core sound—warm analog style synths, odd samples, and great beats—with modern pop influences. While all of the tracks emit the Minneapolis based electro unit’s distinct vibe, none sound the same and there is a nice flow from beginning to end.

“Land of the Blind” is a heavy hitting tune that blends techno grittiness with a radio friendly beat. The boys take us back to the 80’s with their cover of Devo’s “Beautiful World,” which features Devo singer Gerald Casale. Other standouts include the anthemic “The Prize,” the deep-house infused “Get Back,” and the club friendly “Dancing With Strangers.” All in all, _hello world has the catchiness and danceability one would expect from this pioneering synthpop outfit.

What makes this release extra special is the launch of the PledgeMusic campaign in conjunction with the unveiling of _hello world on September 23rd. The promotion will feature a dozen different packages (including some limited edition exclusives). Among the exclusives are limited edition posters, patches, handwritten lyrics sheets, t-shirts, and vinyl albums. The marquee package is the _hello world Deluxe Box Set, which includes a CD, vinyl, and digital copy of the new album, an autographed white vinyl 7", a t-shirt, a logo cap, poster, patch, stickers, and an exclusive InSoc Nootropic Synthino – a fully functional MIDI synthesizer. This package is limited to only 100 and is priced at $235. To view the campaign, visit - NIN


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