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Feb 14, 2014

Bayside- Cult

(Hopeless Records)

The refined men of Bayside are at it again. After roughly 13 years of continued dedication to the art of emo punk, Bayside is, and remains, atop of an era that will never cease to exist! 

Cult (out on Hopeless Records) is set for a February 18 release and fans are already getting a taste of what to expect with a song titled “Time Has Come.” You can take a gander with your auditory devices (or ears) on the band’s Facebook page for the track.

It has been quite some time since I’ve found myself listening to a true emo album and thoroughly enjoying it. Since the very first years of Van's Warped Tour (after said tour) bands fell apart and dissipated into the steady flow of mainstream. Not the case for Bayside! Keeping true to what they’ve been able to successfully bestow upon their dedicated Baysidians (my made up term for Bayside followers) we have yet another successful album. The take on lyrics has stepped away from the slashing of wrists and/or stabbing of hearts and leans more towards real life issues, such as rising to the occasion with “Time Has Come” and finding the right words to break preset expectations and doing whatever the hell you want, as exhibited in “Stuttering.” Oh yes, Bayside takes us there.

Let’s dabble more on the awesomeness of the free video Bayside has gifted us for “Time Has Come.” This track lives up to crowd surfing and the sing- a-long feel that we all look for in a punk band. Front man Anthony Raneri coo’s that, “The time is here” and, ready or not, “The time has come!” Just like that ladies and gentleman. So, synchronize your smart phones for February 18 and jump at purchasing the first good buy of 2014, which is Bayside’s much anticipated album, Cult.

Can’t wait till then? Keep a sharp eye out on their Facebook page, which is filled with tons of goodies to keep you happy in the meantime. 
Melissa Moreno


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