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Jan 27, 2014

Combichrist – We Love You

The body-pummeling punk-metal techno unit known as Combichrist is gearing up to unleash We Love You on your poor unsuspecting souls on March 25th. However, don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t an album about rainbows and sugar kisses. In fact, it’s quite the opposite with tracks like “Maggots At The Party” and “Fuck Unicorns” spewing off venom with every pulsating beat. The bone crunching, anthemic “We Were Made To Love You” kicks off this menacing disc. From there Andy LaPlegua takes you on a ride fueled by pure electronic mayhem. In LaPlegua’s world, the louder and the more agro the better and I’m willing to bet you’ll find yourself singing the chorus to “We Rule The World Motherfuckers” long after the final note of “Retreat Hell Part 2”  has resonated. I would have enjoyed this release more if my current living situation didn’t leave me without high speed internet. Sadly, each track kept pausing every few seconds, so just when I got into the grove…“buffering.”  WTF???  All annoyances aside, Combichrist’s We Love You is an ass-kicker from beginning to end. – NIN

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