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Oct 28, 2013

The Outfit: Tough Kids

The Outfit has recently debuted their five track EP, titled Tough Kids, and it is available for purchase via iTunes or the band’s website. After listening to their first single, “Ceasar,” which is all rock-out indie I wanted to hear more and see if they can continue with the budding hype in my ears. Upon listening to the full release, especially “Projector,” I have become an Outfit follower. Singer/Guitarist Eric Johnston produces a Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) or Caleb Followill (The Kings of Leon) type of sound but still maintains his own. This is indie garage band phase at its best! Don’t let my love for the “garage band phase” fool you into thinking that these guys are mediocre musicians - they are far from it! Buy the EP (it’s only $4.95 cheapos), check out the aforementioned website, and listen to “Ceasar” and see what you think? I think you’ll find that The Outfit is the outfit of choice when wanting to feel like a bad ass. Alright, I’ll make it easy, click here for the soundcloud link to the EP’s single “Ceasar.”
Melissa Moreno


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