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Oct 5, 2013

Mel’s Fashion Week San Diego Outfit: Day 2

FINALLY! A RUNWAY SHOW! It was fabulous, chic, and full of beautiful people. There was tons of eye candy on the runway and off of it. Gorgeous shoes, dresses, HATS, everything!

My great friend Lily and I were lucky enough to purchase tickets in advance and scored some perfectly placed second row seats and were able to take in all of the upcoming fashions for spring 2013. It was extremely difficult to narrow down my favorite designers for the night, but I have to give a huge shout out and major kudos to Andre Soriano and his menswear collaborator Cecilia Aragon for wrapping up the show with a jaw dropping pleather line. I can’t wait to get my hands on a piece during Sunday’s trunk show. 

Now, for the fun part…what did I wear?

Knowing that a huge part of the night would be dedicated to Rihanna’s search for stylists through a competition called “Style to Rock,” I decided to keep it on the edgy side.

The apparel pieces are all, again, thanks to the never failing H and M. I wore a long sleeve crop top (which when I saw I had no idea where or when I would wear it but I had to have it) and paired it with a long black maxi skirt. Thanks to the bay’s constant wind I couldn’t get a great shot of the side slits on the dress, but I absolutely loved how they worked with showing off my Santee Alley version of the Jeffrey Campbell “Lita’s.” These high platform laced boots are perfect when walking the long blocks downtown. My accessories are all courtesy of Target and were all under $20! I made sure to choose pieces that were, again, very versatile. The necklace is a two-toned shade of silver intertwining with one another. I wore two large bangles on both wrists. The first is a cuff that’s a dark shade of silver, and the second an antiqued looking bangle with studs. I made sure to pile on the rings and wear cascading earrings.

This has got to be my favorite outfit so far for fashion week. I was also super excited to show off my ink which only gets to make an appearance during summer time parties at the beach/pool.

So, tell me what you all think? Would you wear this? Or is it a fashion faux pas? If you want more pictures of my day to day adventures be sure to check out my Twitter: Mel.Moreno6 or my Instagram: mel_bitememf

Stay Fashionable!

Melissa Moreno

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