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Oct 4, 2013

Mel’s Fashion Week San Diego Outfit: Day 1

I have a love-hate relationship with experiencing things for the first time. I get the anxious feeling to just get there and do whatever it is I’m setting myself up to do and have a great freaking time with whoever it is I’m with. But, then I also get the dreaded, “Where do I go, what do I wear, what should I do, where the hell is the bar”…line of questions running through my head. Fashion Week San Diego was one of those experiences for me. So, let me tell you how I overcame and conquered my love-hate relationship - a damn sexy pair of Steve Madden sandals.

For me, walking into unknown territory is always easier when you look fabulous and you know it. I wanted to make sure to stand out from what I would expect to find at an event such as this, but I still wanted to stay true to who I was and what I believed in as far as my personal fashion sense.

I love dressing up in something simple and comfortable, so what did I pick? A poppin’ blue pair of skinny jeans with a white silk button blouse. The blouse was something that I had been in a desperate search for. A simple white button up is a staple for anyone’s wardrobe. This one I found during an unnecessary shopping spree in Vegas at the always reliable H and M for $54! A steal, right? The Steve Madden sandals were a purchase I had made awhile back and knew that I would wear them at every opportunity I got and, believe me, I sure do. I decided to keep the outfit fairly simple and accessorized it with a gold spike-like necklace and a cream colored chunky bangle. The accessories are something I’ve had for a while and are completely versatile (another thing I look for when buying clothes/accessories).

Let me tell you ladies and gents…you know when you walk into a store and you find that perfect clutch or perfect faux fur vest but you have no idea how or where you’ll end up wearing it? Here’s my advice - BUY IT! Because, when occasions such as Fashion Week come knocking at your door and you need one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll have them on hand and will avoid having to go on shopping sprees and spending all your rent money.

Please come back and check out what I have planned for the rest of the week’s wardrobe ensembles! I’m overly excited to share them with you.
Tell me what you think? Would Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police approve or am I on the “do not wear that again” list?

Melissa Moreno


  1. kudos. cant wait for the next one.

  2. loving your advice to just BUY IT!!!!

    1. Remember, it's not compulsive buying if you ABSOLUTELY love it and you just HAVE to have it!


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