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Jun 17, 2013

Schwarzkopf Professional – BC Oil Potion Treatment

As much as I love having platinum blonde hair it typically results in dry brittle hair over time, so when the folks at Schwarzkopf Professional asked if I wanted to test out their new BC Oil Potion line I immediately said, “yes!”

A week later I received a package containing:
BC Oil Potion Shampoo
BC Oil Potion Gold Shimmer Conditioner
BC Oil Potion Liquid Oil Conditioner
BC Oil Potion Finishing Treatment
BC Oil Potion Light Finishing Treatment
BC Oil Potion Gold Shimmer Treatment (recommended use: once a week)

The first day I started with the shampoo (which smells great) and followed up with the Gold Shimmer Conditioner. After that I applied the Gold Shimmer Treatment and left it in for 10 minutes. After a rinse I towel dried and spritzed my hair with the Liquid Oil Conditioner. I was very happy when I woke up the next day and my hair was soft to the touch.

On the second day I just used the Gold Shimmer Conditioner. After towel drying I applied the Finishing Treatment followed by a spritz of the Liquid Oil Conditioner. [The Finishing Treatment is recommended for use before blow drying, but I prefer to let my hair air dry. However, I do use a flat iron so before doing so I apply a bit of the Light Finishing Treatment. ]

After a week of using Schwarzkopf Professional’s products my hair looked and felt healthy and soft. Previously, I had been using Argan Oil on my hair and while it left my hair soft it was also flat. The BC Oil Potion line does contain Argan Oil but it also incorporates other ingredients that aid in the repair of dry hair. I was also happy to see that after using the products my hair actually had body. Now I know why Schwarzkopf Professional is a favorite brand of many hairstylists. The products are great for daily use and you can get salon quality results at home.

Narrative and photo by Nikki Neil

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