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Apr 17, 2013

Eloquent Woman Spring Release and Jewelry Party

Eloquent Woman Magazine celebrated the launch of the Spring Bridal issue with a party at Aleher Studio in Pasadena. Eloquent Woman is an online fashion magazine for L.A. and the surrounding areas geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle and boosting self-confidence for women. The publication focuses on L.A. based fashion designers and also features thought-provoking articles, health conscious beauty tips, heath facts, fitness guidelines, and more. The current issue included looks from fashion designer/fashion blogger (and Two Point Oh! LA member) Stephanie Green’s bridal collection. (You can read Eloquent Woman’s interview with Stephanie here.)

In addition to styling hair Aleher Studio owner, Gary Aleher, is also an artist and his artwork is on display in the shop. Aleher Studio is a full service salon and on Mondays they offer a special where you can receive 30% off of coloring, highlighting, and cutting services.

Also in attendance were associates from LA Fitness and Silpada. Silpada rep Chris Yellin was kind enough to show is the latest looks, which included several bridal pieces.

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil


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