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Nov 12, 2012

Collide – Bent And Broken

(NoisePlus Music)

The internet has made it easier for musicians to release their own music. Big labels aren’t a necessity. All you really need is a passion for your craft and support from your fans. Collide is fortunate enough to have both. The LA-based musical team of Statik and kaRIN have put out their own albums for years; however, this time they did something different. They launched a kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for their latest release Bent and Broken and their fans generously gave their support.

In the musical world one way to enhance a great song is by remixing it. Bent and Broken is a double remix album containing tracks from the electro-tech duo’s prior releases Counting to Zero and Two Headed Monster. Fans from across the globe submitted their remixes for consideration and seasoned vets—including cEvin Key/Ken “HiWatt” Marshall (Skinny Puppy), Chris Vrenna (Tweaker) and Shikhee (Android Lust)—also lent their talents to this sonically stimulating release.

The songs that comprise the first CD (Bent) are a luxurious mixture of atmospherics, rich electronic soundscapes, hypnotic synths, and kaRIN’s sensual vocals. Disc two (Broken) veers into club friendly territory presenting an exotic mix of darkwave and synthcore madness.

Another way to enhance a great tune is by putting your own spin on it and kaRIN and Statik did just that. kaRIN’s sultry vocals give new life to “Orgy” (by Robert Smith’s The Glove project) and  their take on Queen’s “She Makes Me” would make Freddie Mercury proud. Of course these two creative geniuses had to give their fans an extra special treat – a new tune titled “Bent and Broken,” which finds the unit further expanding the edges of their sound.  
Bent And Broken is a stellar release in which Collide manages to create their own audio universe with a little help from their friends. The remixes retain the band’s signature stamp while elevating the songs to a new sonic plane.  Fans will be pleased and darkly-inclined music lovers will have a new group to add to their repertoire.


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