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Jun 18, 2012

Liela Moss: Alexander McQueen’s Muse

At Bite Me! Music & Fashion, it's a win-win when you find a band that inspires a designer to create an affordable and loved collection. Target is known for acquiring well noted designers and giving them the challenge to create a high fashion and inexpensive line that will appeal to fashion driven consumers. Alexander McQueen, "Lee McQueen," was chosen back in 2009 (before his untimely and tragic suicide in 2010) and was given the task of creating a collection that would be most creative while being based off of some kind of inspiration. His inspiration - Liela Moss from The Duke Spirit.

The line, "McQ for Target," was a series of Moss-like clothing consisting of plain, asymmetrical dresses, skinny jeans, tees, and even a bathing suit made with simple tones of gray, black, and white. A splash of bold color appeared in some pieces. Since Moss is known for wearing an ensemble of boots, shorts, and a blazer while on stage there were several pieces to match that style as well.

Also included in the collection was a tee with Liela's face that prompted her to rethink the way she promoted herself. This different shade of lime light made her reconsider the blondness of her blonde and even body image. In an interview with the San Francisco Examiner she said, “Because I started asking serious questions of myself, like, ‘Why would I do things to alter what was already there, physically?’ But as long as you’re healthy and eating well then the answer is, ‘Yeah, I’m perfect.’” To catch more of this interview from the San Francisco Examiner click on this link.

Since the line with McQ made its debut Liela has found herself as the inspiration for other designers, such as Antonio Berardi and Phillip Lim. It’s crystal clear how music and fashion go hand in hand as we’ve seen from the union of Liela Moss and Alexander McQueen. What gets your creative mind stimulating and producing? We’d love to know.

Melissa Moreno


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