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Jun 11, 2012

The Duke Spirit Live At The Casbah

The Duke Spirit paid a visit to classy San Diego after having wrapped up their tour with Jane’s Addiction on Friday June 1st. Earlier, we posted an album review for Bruiser, which was highly anticipated by fans and left myself wanting more. Experiencing a live show was nowhere near enough to satisfy my wants. The high energy that front woman Leila Moss performs with makes it impossible for a room of new listeners to stand still and take in each song. Besides the massive amounts of distortion and interference acting as a needle piercing your ear drums, rather than an embellishment to the music, it was clearly evident that The Duke Spirit was something to put your beer up and rock to.

Moss’ running onto the stage was the exact opposite of a cool, calm, collected performer. It seemed as if she was the one running to a promise land of devoted fans as opposed to fans running towards this fashionable creature. As the show progressed with new tracks and several tracks that first put The Duke Spirit on the map, Moss’ mesmerizing blue eyes hypnotized all those who dared meet her gaze and stupefied anyone who paid attention for a fragment of a moment’s time. Making its public debut tonight was the newly released track “Glorious,” which is already getting marveled by publications such as Rolling Stone.

I’d have to say that besides Moss’ beauty and Blondie-esque vocals dashed with a hint of soul she is more than just a singer. She also demonstrated her skills on the harmonica and tambourine. While I’ve never given credit, but rather mocked, those women who are “with the band” standing on stage and shaking a tambourine, I have to admit that Leila Moss looks pretty bad ass shaking that damn tambourine.

The Duke Spirit will continue to tour the west coast for a couple more dates with opening band Hacienda (If you’re into raw tones accompanied with a little jazz sounding rock and you dig The Black Keys you’ll love these boys out of Texas) only to wrap up their stay in the states with a finale in New York.

So, I have to ask: if you haven’t listened to their latest album yet what are you still waiting for?

 Review by Melissa Moreno. Photo courtesy of The Duke Spirit.

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