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Apr 4, 2012

Eco-Friendly Tips from Future:Standard + 15% Off

Earth Day is Sunday April 22nd and if you haven’t made the transition into living a “greener” life now is a good time to start. Future:Standard’s fashionable founder Jessica Altoff wants to make it easier for you by sharing her top 10 tips to living a greener and more fashionable life. In addition, she is also offering our readers 15% off of purchases from her online boutique, so you can shop guilt free from a wide selection of ethical clothing and accessories. Read Jessica’s tips below and be sure to use discount code MusicAndFashion15 at checkout. (expires April 9th)

1. CHOOSE NATURAL PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS + COSMETICS - Choose pure products with pronounceable plant-based ingredients and opt for natural beauty and grooming products that harness plants instead of petroleum and natural fragrances and colorants instead of chemical constituents. It will do your body and the planet a gorgeous world of good.

2. CHOOSE RECYCLED + REPURPOSED + VINTAGE MATERIALS – clothing designers are getting fantastically creative with recycling materials - whether its eco-polyester made from recycled soda pop bottles and discarded garments or deconstructing vintage pieces to fashion new ones. It seems that almost anything can be upcycled into something usable and on-trend!

3. BUY ORGANIC APPAREL - Ordinary cotton uses a lot of water and chemicals in the treatment process.

4. REUSE THOSE OLD TEES – Fringing is the latest and greatest trend and so easy! Learn how to fringe your old tees here.
5. GET ECO & TECHY SAVVY – So simple and effective. Save energy and wear and tear on your hardware by shutting down your computer at night.
6. WASH YOUR THREADS IN COLD WATER - 90% of the energy used from your washing machine goes into heating. Most loads don’t need hot water and the higher the water temperature, the higher the cost to you and the planet.

7. UPDATE YOUR RIDE – A sleek and cool beach cruiser is the latest way to pimp your ride and reduce your carbon footprint!

8. GO ORGANIC WITH YOUR DIET - Buying and eating organically grown food is one of the singly most eco-powerful green choices for personal and planetary health. Eating organic means avoiding the pesticide residue left on foods. Organic farming methods fortify soil naturally and have consistently shown to be more energy efficient and produce less waste. This means workers and farm neighbors aren't exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. It means less fossil fuel converted into fertilizers and it means healthier soil that should sustain crops for generations to come.

9. EAT CLEAN – your waistline, your body, and the planet will be thankful. Beyond being a solid source for a full spectrum of good stuff ( vitamins, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients) a plant-based diet requires a lot less energy and water to keep you well fed. Meat is the least energy-efficient food on the planet. It requires a serious amount of water and is a major polluter.
10. CARRY STYLE – With a reusable tote bag! So simple and effective. Take this anywhere – on shopping trips or the Farmer’s Market.

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