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Mar 15, 2012

FW 2012 Fashion Installations at Concept

It appears that Concept has found a permanent home at AceGallery.  The gallery is currently showing collections by Ed Moses, Carl Andre, Mary Corse, and John Millei. It was nice to see some fresh artwork on the walls.

The fun thing about Concept is that it’s two events in one. You have the installations, which are held in various rooms and the runway shows in between.  On Friday I specifically came down to see Bryan Hearns’ presentation. The young designer likes to pair modern silhouettes with architectural elements and he loves to play with textures. He presented his first showcase at the age of 18 and his work has been featured in a Lady GaGa fan video and a music video for Acid Girls, which showcased his amazing Marie Antoinette inspired gowns. Bryan also designs edgy jewelry and some seriously fierce shoes.


Paul Redmond’s collection was inspired by the future of technology. One of the models wore a jacket that housed a tablet which reflected the tribal design of the other model’s outfit. It’s a pretty neat concept, which I’m sure will be incorporated into everyday wear in years to come. Paul also likes to integrate plastic in his designs.

Memenic’s designer Mechelle Epps specializes in figure flattering silk jersey dresses for busy women on the go.

On Saturday I was back at Ace Gallery to see what Curly-V and Thai Nguyen had in store. I’ve been a fan of the Curly-V line ever since I saw Curly’s first installation at Concept a few seasons back. This current presentation was titled “Big Mouff” and it featured models wearing his version of houndstooth, which was a fabric comprised of a recurring tooth print. I love Curly’s designs because they reflect his fun, larger than life personality. The Latin-American designer typically favors bold graphics and he has a knack for creating clothes that real women can wear. I had the pleasure of chatting with Curly-Vee’s BFF and she is just as sweet as he is. She’s the adorable one with the piercings in the slideshow below.

Thai Nguyen is typically a runway favorite at Concept but this time around he chose to show his creations in a more intimate setting so fans could get an up close and personal view. The Fall/Winter 2012 collection was titled Sultry Saigon and it was inspired by the hustle and bustle of the fast paced city. Sequins and fringe were used to reflect the bright lights of the motorbikes that clutter Saigon’s streets and the dark fabrics represented the mood of the sultry city at night. Thai specializes in custom couture. The line also features his version of the traditional Ao Dai, ready-to-wear, and bridal - all with an emphasis on silhouette and showcasing the natural female form.

Amanda Chan’s line ZuBauen got its moniker from the German word meaning “to build up”. ZuBauen pushes the limits of design and fashion in both style and substance as each piece can be exhibited as a sculpture or on a live person.  The clothing itself is not governed by seasons or trends. It is inspired by personal and global issues that affect us all.

The Belle N. Matisse collection consisted of six avant-garde looks that featured Vulcan like shoulders, pointy knee caps, and winged sleeves (the Butterfly Cage Shirt). Katie Kay from Gather assisted with curating the presentation that consisted of high street fashion wear for the confident, strong woman who likes to exude a hint of femininity. Alexandria Norman is the force behind the brand and she organically blends architectural, geometric silhouettes with luxe fabrics such as Italian knits, custom-dyed ribbing, original artwork, and rich leather to produce her cutting edge creations.  

Elaine Allen’s models wore stylishly fun plaid pants with flared legs and cropped tops. The installation also featured a sexy black dress that is perfect for a night out at the clubs.

In addition to all the grand presentations there were a number of individuals decked out in their personal finest. Check out all the fashionable looks in the slideshow below.

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil

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