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Sep 30, 2011

Chemline’s Fall Launch Party

Averi Bell held a party at her Chemline boutique to celebrate the arrival of the new fall merchandise. Her cute little shop, nestled in Chinatown’s Chung King Court, is the perfect location for such an event.

Averi was very excited to show me the latest addition to her boutique – Titania Inglis. Brooklyn based designer Titania Inglis creates a line of women’s wear that is minimal yet lush and mixes modern with traditional aesthetics. Her clothes are made using organic cotton from Japan, vegetable tanned leather, and dead stock fabrics from the local garment industry. The Chemline boutique is the only store in Los Angeles to carry Titania’s line, which fits in nicely with the shop’s commitment to carrying eco-friendly, sustainable goods. Tonight, Averi wore Titania’s slim checkered pants and paired it with one of her own stylish tops.

I had previewed Chemline’s Fall collection at Concept Fashion week this past March. Averi’s designs are typically derived by blending different genres and themes. The current looks were inspired by the five Frank Lyoyd Wright designed houses located in Los Angeles. You could definitely see the architectural influence in each garment. The structure and design of Chemline’s latest collection is quite impressive. The clothes were skillfully crafted with a lot of attention to detail. Each piece had a unique addition or finish, which was a bit difficult to make out on the runway. I was happy to have this opportunity to get a closer look at the collection. One would never guess that these fashion forward pieces were made from eco-conscious materials, such as peace silk and Jacquard tencel (a fabric developed from tree bark). I really fell in love with this black cropped jacket. I think I'll have to put it on my holiday wish list.

The party also served as the launch of the new jewelry collaboration between Tiffany Kunz and Chemline. Tiffany Kunz specializes in handcrafted pieces made from rough stones and reclaimed metals that are hammered and hand forged. The collaborative collection really captured the essence of both designers. I could see Chemline’s aesthetic mixed in with Kunz’ signature style. I had the pleasure of chatting with Tiffany. She is quite lovely, just like Averi. They are both very warm and personable. I can see why they are good friends.

In fact, Averi is also friends with designers Inka Sherman (ISM Mode) and Natasha Gindin (Lavuk) and she also carries their lines in her store. The new pieces from ISM Mode were centered in blacks, whites, and Greys. There was a pair of oversized, relaxed shorts from ISM Mode that looked comfy and stylish.  They would look good paired with mid-calf or ankle boots and could be worn dressed up or dressed down. Lavuk delivered a more colorful palette. The purple coat and matching cut-out skirt were both quite fun and perfect for fall.

I really like that Averi helps out other up-and-coming designers by carrying their lines in her shop. She also throws a fab party with great music by awesome DJ’s (Anthony Valadez and The reMitch) and there is always a cool gift bag. This time the Chinese take- out box contained a really unique cuff from Chemline, a scarf from ISM Mode, a jewelry pouch from Tiffany Kunz, skin potion serum from Nabelé, and a sample of an all natural moisturizing body soother from hellomellow.

Of course, the live entertainment is also great. This time we were treated to a performance by Pollyn. The L.A. based trio—comprised of vocalist Genevieve Artadi, guitarist Anthony Cava, and sound creator Adam Jay—create organic trip hop with jazzy undertones. I asked Averi how she manages to find such talent and she said “If I’m out somewhere and I happen to hear a good band I’ll ask them if they want to play at one of my parties.” You gotta love a girl that is always looking out for others.

Pieces from the Fall Collection of these featured designers can be purchased at Chemline Boutique, which is located at 504 Chung King Court, Chinatown. Hours are Thurs – Sunday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil

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