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May 26, 2011

Rhino Charity Pop Up

The Rhino Charity Pop Up Shop opens up tomorrow. A portion of sales of all vinyl, CDs, DVDs, collectibles, and art will benefit MusiCares. In store performances are as follows:

Friday, May 27 8:00pm Thelonius Monster + live painting by Norton Wisdom

Saturday May 28 6:30pm Inhale
Saturday May 28 8:00pm Doghouse Lords
Saturday May 28 9:00pm Infante's Inferno

Sunday, May 29 11:00am Aaron Nigel Smith (Kid Rhino program)
Sunday, May 29 7:00pm Bombon
Sunday, May 29 8:00pm The Crawdaddys

Monday, May 30 6:00pm The Muffs
Monday, May 30 7:00pm Patrolled by Radar
Monday, May 30 8:00pm Vicki Peterson

Tuesday, May 31 7:30pm Roger Steffens – Intimate Moments
Tuesday, May 31 8:30pm The Lions

Wednesday, June 1 8:00pm Wild Records Night with Luis & the Wildfires, Don Juan y Los Blancos

Thursday June 2 7:30pm Ruthann Friedman
Thursday, June 2 8:30pm Billy Vera
Thursday, June 2 9:00pm Evie Sands

Friday, June 3, 2011 8:00pm The Balancing Act (reuniting after 22 years!)

Saturday June 4 7:00pm Miranda Lee Richards
Saturday, June 4 8:00pm Avi Buffalo

Sunday, June 5 11:00am Peter Himmelman (Kid Rhino program)
Sunday, June 5 6:00pm Posh Boy Records Night: Symbol Six, CH3, The Crowd

Monday, June 6 8:00pm Little Willie G. & Thee East LA Philharmonic Orchestra 6-6

Tuesday, June 7 8:00pm Fat City Reprise
Tuesday, June 7 9:00pm Ruby Friedman Orchestra

Wednesday, June 8 8:00pm Gaby Moreno

Thursday, June 9 8:00pm Kristian Hoffman's Paisley Pop Calvacade

Friday, June 10 8:00pm Susan James
Friday, June 10 9:00pm Martha Davis and the Motels

Saturday, June 11 9:00pm Alain Johannes
Sunday, June 12 6:00pm Postwar Quartet

Sunday, June 12 7:00pm Everpresent Fullness
Sunday, June 12 8:00pm He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister
Sunday, June 12 9:00pm Holly Beth Vincent

The Rhino Pop Up is located at 10952 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025. Open from May 27 through June 12, 2011. For more info visit:

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