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Mar 23, 2011

LA Fashion Weekend: Fall 2011 – Friday, March 18th

Mikey Koffman and The Gallery L.A. hosted another Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios. The event was broadcasted by KTLA, which is also home to "Fashion Fridays" featuring Mikey Koffman. In the past, LA Fashion Weekend was a three day event. This season it was scaled down to two days. Perhaps the L.A. Marathon had something to do with it in addition to White Trash Beautiful leaving L.A. for NY Fashion Week.

We arrived just as Septerhed was starting his graffiti style art installation, which was a work in progress over the two-day event. Septerhed is represented by The Site Unscene. The company reps seven street style artists and gives them the opportunity to showcase their work at events that match their style and vision. They even had a few artists at CONCEPT the past weekend. Septerhed’s billboard like canvas also served as a great backdrop for photos and a number of people took advantage of the opportunity.

There were a number of familiar faces in the crowd (including Erik Estrada and Ron Jeremy) and we even made some new friends – one of which was Hannah Frendl founder of Unleashed Beauty. Hannah and her husband made the trek from Orange County to attend their first LA Fashion Weekend event.

I was happy to see that Nature's Mistake was back on site selling their screen print tees because my sister had wanted one and her birthday was coming up. I was even happier when I found out that a portion of the proceeds from the shirt I bought were going to a relief fund for Japan. Alejandra G was also there to debut her new line of sexy shoes that are very rocker chic. Tasha Limited also debuted their first women’s show line Tasha Folds, which is a foldable flat geared for those who don’t consider 6’’ heels as walking shoes. The flats come in a variety of styles ranging from printed oxford, to penny loafer, to the standard ballet slipper. Nicole Lee displayed a number of colorful, funky handbags that would go great with a pair of Alejandra G heels.

Electronic pop artist K'Sandra kicked off the festivities by performing her single “Finger on the Trigger.” Appropriately enough she was followed by a presentation from Denim of Virtue. Designer Elizabeth Bee started Denim of Virtue five years ago with a vision to create clothing inspired by the L.A. lifestyle. Forgive, Christina Aguilera, Kristen Stewart, and Mary Kate Olsen are fans. The fall 2011collection presented various styles—ranging from skinny jeans with buttons along the sides to the boyfriend cut and mini-skirts—all of which were paired with relaxed tees and button ups.

Laguna Beach Jeans Co. (founded by Steve and Christine Kim) veered from their normal offering of premium washed denim to present a line of sweat suits in various colors reminiscent of Juicy Couture. The tracksuits were embellished with rhinestones and the brand’s logo was stitched across the rear. To be honest, matching sweat suits with phrases on the rear only look good on a select few.

Adiktion is an urban clothing line from St. Louis. Designer Sherrell Hall was most likely inspired by 80’s fashion when it came time to create the Fall 2011 collection. The line featured a zebra print body suit, an off-shoulder sequin dress, metallic leggings, a ruffled top jumpsuit, and a high belted waist blouse. There was also a black and white plaid dress, which was quite short in the back so I’m assuming it was meant to be worn as a cover up for a bathing suit or with leggings.

Doctrine specializes in premium casual wear with a rocker aesthetic that mixes a little bit of East Coast/West Coast flair. The clothing incorporates refined embellishments ranging from embroidery, studs, and braidwork, all of which are applied individually. In addition to their signature jeans models wore silk blouses, blazers with elbow patches, fur capes, turtle neck, sweaters, and midriff tops.

The night ended with XCVI. Designer Gita Zeltzer has been gracious enough to contribute to gift bags for various TwoPointOh LA events, so it was nice to have the opportunity to cover one of her runway shows. The wearable collection featured cargo pants, leggings, capes, and flowing cardigans. The pieces could be mixed and matched to create a variety of ensembles that can easily transition from day to night.

Narrative by Nikki Neil, Photos by J. Top in intro photo courtesy of 2 B Rych


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