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Feb 9, 2011

Greige Market Pop-Up Shop @ The Spot

We stopped by the Greige Market Pop-Up Shop at The Spot last Friday night to check out the selection on hand. There were a number of great L.A. based designers displaying their wares in addition to complimentary cocktails and cool tunes courtesy of a rockin’ DJ.
While waiting in line for a drink I noticed some really cool gothic inspired clothing. Designed by Maya Yogev (former assistant to Rick Owens), Grai clothing juxtaposes feminine shapes with atypical fabrics. Fans include Marilyn Manson, Fergie, Courtney Love, and Halle Berry. Each article of clothing contained a signature piercing that served as a calling card of sorts. Maya draws her inspiration from the Victorian Era, Russian ballet, punk rock, and gothic esthetics. I really loved this collection.

Designed by Michelle Chaplin and Emily Harteau (a former Project Runway contestant whom fans know as Emily Brandle) Smoke & Mirrors offers women’s contemporary apparel. I needed an outfit for a 60’s themed party that I was attending on Saturday, so I picked up a leopard print dress with green tassel trim that fit the bill perfectly.

Across the room we spotted a variety of playful tunics from AI For AI. Founded by sisters Carol & Elizabeth Ai, this relatively new clothing line offers everything from wispy maxi-dresses to floral-printed jumpers to casual sportswear. They also just launched a shoe line as well. Check out Carol in her adorable AI outfit below.

Society for Rational Dress clothing is adored by fashion bloggers everywhere. Designed by Corinne Grassini this contemporary line features tailored but edgy pieces. I really loved the cape like jacket (which resembled something out of A Clockwork Orange), and J was digging the various styles of flats.

If you haven’t checked it out yet Excess Baggage is a cool online boutique that features designer items for less. However, during the pop-up fashionistas had the opportunity to touch and feel the variety of ultra hip clothes before purchasing. One of our favorite pieces was a grey studded vest by One Grey Day (designed by Bradley Davidowitz). Check it out in the slideshow below.

Narrative by Nikki Neil, Photos by J.


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