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Jan 29, 2011

More Great Purses from ICJ

Claire Jane just added a few more purses to her Inspired By Claire Jane collection. All of which are gorgeous. Living next door to Claire would be dangerous. Instead of blowing all my money at the casinos I’d be buying all her purses. I really love the Black Satin Clutch with Skull and Crossbones. It’s so rocker chic.

The purple silk clutch with spider and rhinestones would have gone so well with my wedding dress. Almost makes me want to do it again so I have an excuse to buy the bag.

The red satin clutch with red and black feathers and cameo is perfect for Valentine’s Day! I’d make him take me out just so I could show off the purse.

The pearl and gold bag is quite elegant and perfect for tea at The Huntington.

Visit to see all the latest additions.

Narrative by Nikki Neil, Photos courtesy of ICJ

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