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Jan 13, 2011

Anika: Self-Titled

The first set of sounds that are produced from Anika's nine track self-titled debut are confusing and barely audible. It isn't until her cover of R.E.M.’s "It’s The End of the World…" comes on that you can make out some lyrics and come to the realization that this person is producing a melodic-type attempt to vocalize lyrics in English. 

While this negative sounding introduction to Anika might make you stray away from her creativity, I still suggest giving it a quick listen. The first track titled “Terry” (a remake from ‘60’s UK pop star Twinkle) reminded me of something off the soundtrack for Napoleon Dynamite so, naturally, I continued to listen to track after track. I’ve learned to appreciate the sounds of the band that resembles a record set on reverse and set to a nowhere near light speed setting. There’s additions of exaggerated echoes and twings and twangs that don’t seem to mesh-well together (and let’s not forget the non-existent singing on key), but put all of these characteristics into a cauldron, turn up the flame, open your mind, and slowly swallow these sour ingredients.

Anika (which is comprised of lead singer Anika and the members of Bleak) might not be a royal flush, but it's a great example of people who are trying to create art in unthinkable ways; even if it might be a little harsh to your ears.
Melissa Moreno

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