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Dec 23, 2010

Underworld - Barking (Om Records)

Warning: Approach with Caution

Barking is Underworld's eighth studio album and of its nine tracks eight are in collaboration with others in some way shape or form. After listening to Barking numerous times I couldn't really put my finger on why it didn't move me as past Underworld releases have. Perhaps there were too many collaborations, as it seems watered down yet almost experimental? Barking is poppier than any other Underworld CD and isn't as coherent and adrenaline inducing as their more masterful efforts. There are some worthwhile songs on here such as the dance ridden "Always Loved a Film", the Depeche Mode sounding "Grace," and the oddly melancholy "Moon in Water," but most fall flat. I am hopeful that Barking is a growth album for Underworld to play, experiment, and learn from and their next will be their best. - J.


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