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Oct 17, 2010

Help Save Cupie

Cupie is a darling 11 month old girl who loves to play with her family, especially the kids. Recently, Cupie had been having episodes of falling over during periods of excitement and the initial thought was that she was having seizures. Last week Cupie experienced a severe episode, stopped breathing, and her heart stopped beating. After three minutes of rib compressions and mouth to nose breaths her family was able to bring her back. A trip to the emergency clinic revealed a severe heart murmur. Unfortunately, her diagnosis leaves a certain outcome of sudden death in the near future, especially since she has already had one episode of cardiac arrest. A procedure to open her pulmonary valve will allow her to enjoy life and give her the opportunity to be a happy little girl for many years to come. Without the surgery little Cupie has absolutely no future except the inevitable of sudden death. Her family has no funds to pay for the procedure so they turned to Boston Brigade Rescue for help. Boston Brigade Rescue has agreed to take on Cupie’s care so that she has a chance at life. However, they need donations in order to provide Cupie the care she needs. Any amount that you can spare will help give this darling little girl a chance. A dollar goes a long way. To learn more about Cupie and donate to her surgery please go to:

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