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Oct 18, 2010

EM & Co - Up Next: L.A. Designers Installation and Runway Show

EM & Co kicked off Fashion Week, Spring 2001 with its emerging designer’s series that featured Jordan Klein, Mariska, and a collaboration by Em, Queeine4ever, and Krys-n-Jack.

The evening started out with a menswear collection by Jordan Klein. Jordan, a former Vogue model and graphic designer, is part owner of the graphic T-Shirt line Casual-T’s and RockIcon. Tonight was the debut of his menswear collection. The dramatic edgy pieces were inspired by the action movie “Hero”. According to Jordan each collection’s underlying story inspires the wearer to become a Hero. The models were a perfect fit for his casual line. Each one looked comfortable in the clothes and I could see them wearing the Tee’s, hoodies, and studded scarfs on an everyday basis.

Next up was a collection from Mariska. Created by Maria Janossy, a transplant from Transylvania, her pieces had a very film Noir feel. The well constructed dresses and separates offered a modern interpretation of Austro-Hungarian empire fashion. Tailored vests, flirty dresses, and playful skirts paired elegance with a vintage influence and sent the message that black was in. Earlier in the evening I had spotted Maria in the store wearing a beautiful, dramatic black dress. Not knowing she was the designer at the time I was going to ask her wear she got it. When the runway show was over and she came out to take I bow I had my answer. Now if I can only get my hands on it.

The night closed with a collection from EM Reconstruct – a collaboration between Em, Krys-n-Jack, and Queenie4ever that featured the latest trend in eco-conscious fashion. The collection, which had a relaxed feel, centered on blacks and greys and could easily transcend into everyday wear. Being a Krys-n-Jack fan I instantly knew which pieces were theirs. Each model wore white theatrical masks with various sections cut out. It seemed like a Krys-n-Jack influence, and I loved the effect it created.

I was impressed with the contribution by Queenie4ever. Queenie4ever clothing is geared toward a teen audience. However, for this collaboration Queenie’s designer Tatiana McLane presented some deconstructed kimono looks that were sleek and sophisticated. EM & Co’s owner Eveline has many talents, one of which is design. She created a fabulous bolero type jacket, which was paired with an asymmetrical skirt and bodice that could transcend from the catwalk straight into the pages of a fashion magazine.

The EM Reconstruct line is exclusive to EM &Co and be purchased at the boutique, which is located at 7940 W. 3rd St. L.A. 90048

Narrative by Nikki Neil, Photos by J

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