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Mar 21, 2010

The Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show

Sunset Gower was the place to be on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and the fashionistas braved the sunlight in order to attend the Green Initiative Fashion Show presented by The The Gallery L.A. and the Green Youth Movement.

The show began with an award presentation to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa by the Green Youth Movement. The GYM is a student organization that educates kids and teens about environmental issues and eco-friendly practices. They recognized the Mayor in honor of his 1 Million Trees Initiative in which a total of 260,000 trees have been planted in Los Angeles as a result.

Staying true to its theme the fashion show featured three eco friendly lines by Emily Factor, Lizzie Parker, and Puridee. Factor (the sister of Smashbox Studio founders Davis and Dean Factor) presented her edgy take on romanticism with a presentation that mixed florals with lacey ensembles. Using reclaimed, organic, and sustainable materials the FIDM alumna showcased her attention to detail with a collection that was flirty and fun.

Before the show started we enjoyed drinks in the lounge courtesy of Agave de Cortes and Coke and noticed a stylish little girl that was destined to be a future fashionista. When Lizzie Parker's presentation was over we found out why this little tyke was dressed so fabulously. Turns out she was Lizzie's daughter, and we can so see her following in her mother's footsteps one day. Lizzie—who hails from Issaquah, WA.—showcased jersey separates that were adorned with unique details. Her chic and easy pieces, which are inspired by European trends, are mostly made from bamboo.

Puridee (by Lindee Daniel) closed out the show with a bridal collection that was graceful and youthful. These Nymph inspired gowns are made from peace silk, which is made by silk worms that grow to months as opposed to dying after its silk is spun. Each gown is distinctly unique because each one is naturally dyed.

Narrative by: Nikki Neil, Photos by: J

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