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Feb 9, 2010

General Music News

NYC rock quartet, The Postelles, has announced plans to release a new 4-track EP White Night (Astralwerks/Capitol) on March 2nd, 2010 (Their self-titled full length CD will be released later this year). ‘White Night’ will be available digitally and will include three brand new songs, “White Night,” “Sleep on the Dance Floor,” and “Looking Glass,” which were produced by The Strokes axeman Albert Hammond Jr. and The Postelles. The digital EP also features an iTunes exclusive remix of “Sleep on the Dance Floor” by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. Consisting of Daniel Balk (lead vocals, guitar), David Dargahi (lead guitar), John Speyer (bass), and Billy Cadden (drums) The Postelles, who cite influences from Motown to Woody Allen, provide a modern take to the soundtrack of a 1950’s prom with a New York edge.

Mudvayne drummer Matt McDonough along with his business partner John Strate-Hootman own and operate, which is a download fulfillment site that features an online store that sells music through Pay Pal. releases independent, “DIY” musicians that focus mainly on ambient music. Matt will also release music under his alter ego “MjDawn,” in addition to music from his side project with his partner John (aka Vir Unis) called “miKroNaught”. To check out their music or for more on Atmoworks visit

The Boston foursome, Yes Giantess, is ready to unleash debut single “The Ruins,” produced by Starsmith. The band also intends to release a slew of remixes in the near future. In the meantime "The Ruins" can be downloaded for free at

The Constellations will release their debut album Southern Gothic on EMI’s Virgin Records on June 8. Rising stars of the Atlanta scene, the band—which is fronted by charismatic vocalist Elijah Jones—is set for a breakout year in 2010. Southern Gothic was produced by Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley), and features guest appearances by Cee-Lo and Asher Roth. The band is currently giving away a free mp3 of the album’s opening track “Setback” at


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