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Dec 4, 2009

CD Reviews: Collide - These Eyes Before

 Collide - These Eyes Before (NoisePlus) Go: Get This Now

It takes a lot of guts to release an album's worth of covers, but when a band is as talented as Collide it's a gamble that pays off.  These Eyes Before presents old classics re-done with Collide flair.  What makes this disc so great is its overall cohesiveness.  Instead of sounding like a bunch of covers thrown together Collide managed to create a mood and a flow that ties these tunes together in such a way that it sounds like a collective whole.The record is further proof that as a unit there are no limitations to Collide's musical expressions.  kaRIN’s vocal interpretations breathes new life into each phrase, and Statik's technical wizardry creates the tapestry that weaves these songs together.  Whether you’re a fan of the originals or a fan of the band's electro-alt-darkwave sound you'll be pleased with what this album has to offer.  Collide's These Eyes Before is proof that you don't need millions of dollars to produce a high quality record.


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