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Dec 4, 2009

CD Review: Girl in a Coma - Trio BC

Girl In A Coma – Trio BC (Blackheart Records)  Go: Get This Now

The latest album by Girl In A Coma, titled Trio BC (named after a grandpa’s old ‘50s band) is one that finds a perfect spot in a music lover’s collection. A guaranteed must have and never fitting under a disappointment, Trio BC is a breath of fresh air from up and coming chick bands. While this album has become a personal favorite for the year and hasn’t left my ears since I came upon it, it could just be this year’s stocking stuffer. With songs titled “Vino,” “Joannie in the City,” and “Ven Cerca” one would never know that these tunes would be highly influenced by Morrissey, Bjork, 90’s grunge rock, and punk rock. The opening track “BB” gives way to a scratchy vinyl record playing on pop’s record player and leads into a rockabilly guitar melody. With the intro of Nina Diaz’s voice you know it’ll be a great thing to continue playing. As the album progresses you see the different styles that these girls can play. Keeping up beat songs to a slower tempo tune keeps anything from sounding repetitive. GIAC was signed to Blackheart Records by Joan Jett and lucky enough to work with her. You can hear Jett’s musical talents in the track “Joannie in the City”. My personal favorite, “Ven Cerca"—a cover from Los Spitfires— this all Spanish track is a seductive, sultry tune that suits as a closer for the album. No need to understand what’s being said simply sit back, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the craft these women have created. It cannot be stressed enough to find a way to pick up this album and add it to your iPod list, CD collection, download it from Amazon…whatever it is make sure you do it. You can check out their work on or   -Melissa Moreno

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