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Oct 14, 2009

LA Fashion Week: Emerging Designers & Fashion Angels Awards

The Fashion Angel Awards Emerging Designer show (hosted by the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Cultural Affairs) was held on Tuesday October 13th. A group of guest designers, which included Louis Verdad, Nony Tochterman, Nick Verreos, Jeffrey Sebelia, and Vanessa Gonzalez, teamed up to pick the Fashion Angel Award winners. The winners of the first annual event were Phong Hong, Fernanda Carneiro, and duo Jacquetta O'Dell and Krysta Henry (Krys-N-Jack).

Born in Vietnam, but raised in Los Angels, Phong Hong, a FIDM alum, was the first to present. His Femme Noir collection was girly with a little bit of edge. Based mainly in neutral colors his romantic creations were accented with bows and ribbons. My favorite piece in the collection was a strapless pewter dress that featured a skirt adorned with sculpted roses.

Next up was Brazilian born Fernanda Carneiro (also a FIDM alum). Her collection was geared for spring with its floral fabrics and bright colors. Short, sweet, and perfect for a warm sunny day these creations were paired with some stunning shoes, which were provided by Chic Little Devil Style House. Unfortunately, two of the models hadn't quite mastered the art of walking in heels yet, and even though they didn't topple over their harsh walk took away from the beauty of the dresses. (Move over Miss Jay. I need to show these girls a thing or two about walking in sky high heels.)

The awards ceremony finished up with a show-stopping presentation by Krys-N-Jack. I don't think the audience was quit prepared for what they had to offer but fashion is about creativity, and they gave it to us three fold. The design duo behind the line— Jacquetta O'Dell and Krysta Henry—delivered a collection created from wood, leather, door hinges, metal, and keys. The models came down the runway in wood-paneled skirts, metal corsets, loin-clothes, and wood neckties. One model even sported a top adorned with rows of keys. I could hear the Project Runway judges now…"My gawd Nina, she looks like a valet key-holder exploded on her chest." or Tim Gunn, " Hmmm don't you think it's a bit Xena Warrior Princess? Carry on." All in all, the collection was very innovative, and the designers received a loud applause when they came out on the runway. O'Dell and Henry have been working together since 2003. They have a background in interior design, carpentry, and manufacturing. They also happen to oversee EM and Co's on-line boutique and design out of the stores location on 3rd Street.

After the show we mingled with the fashion crowd and happened to run into Nick Verreos, who happens to be very sweet. (For all you Project Runway fans make sure you don't miss the October 29th show.) Of course, as expected, there were many people in fabulous outfits despite the wet weather. However, our favorites happened to be the Harajuku twins and Roxy Contin and her friend. (

Winners (in order on slide show) Phong Hong, Fernanda Carniero, and design duo Jacquetta O’Dell and Leslie Henry for Krys and Jack. Presented by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Los Angeles.

Narrative: Nikki Neil  Photos: J

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