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Mar 10, 2014

The Record Company - Feels So Good

(TRC Records)

I will always say that going to shows in someone’s backyard, basement, or living room will live forever strong as some of the best damn shows I’ve been to. So, when I stumbled across my email for The Record Company and the attached video was live footage, titled “Living Room Concert,” I was already sold. The Record Company released its debut, Feels So Good, and is already gaining so much well deserved notoriety. This notoriety was put to practice by releasing a clip featuring their rockabilly/blues/rock ‘n’ roll sound on the trailer for the star studded, senior citizen version of The Hangover: Last Vegas. Chris Vos—whose leads vocals, guitar, and harmonica have a raspy and simplistic edge—lets you enjoy the beats being churned out by bandmates Alex Stiff (bass, vocals) and Marc Cazorla (drums, vocals). 

A heavy contributor is how The Record Company is able to mold to a punk rock aesthetic, a rockabilly vibe, a bluesy riff, or just a plain ol’ swingin’ of the hips rock ‘n’ roll rhythm. It also helps that they’ve already had the chance to share a stage with THE legendary master of guitar - B.B. King; thus, obtaining automatic credibility. Take a listen to the “Living Room Concert” and see if you pick up the same vibe. At this point you probably want more so I’ll oblige. Check out the band’s website to find out where to purchase their latest EP, Feels So Good.

It looks like they’ll be gracing LA with a few shows in the near future, so be sure to stop by Diego’s or The Satellite and show some respect to this hard working trio!

Melissa Moreno

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