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Mar 3, 2014

God Module – False Face

(Metropolis Records)

God Module’s False Face starts off with a brutally sonic assault titled “A Good Night to Die.” The dance fueled frenzy continues all the way through to “The Mark” delivering a range of relentlessly aggressive to violently mid-tempo tracks in between. Orchestrated by mastermind Jasyn Bangert, this release is a composition of musical nightmares that mix together pounding beats, hypnotic synth hooks, deranged samples, and psychotic vocals. Die hard Industrial electro-goth clubbers will love the heavy techno antics of “Nothing But Mine” and the atmospheric nature of “Faith is Fragile.” “Hating How We Love” and “Through the Noise” are quite infectious and the title track (False Face) is pure diabolical mayhem. – NIN

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