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Aug 15, 2012

Gypsy Warrior

As promised, I’ll introduce you to a few new online stores I’ve luckily stumbled across thanks to Instagram. The first, and probably a website I constantly have open in a separate window, is The name couldn’t be more fitting to describe the style that is promoted. Gypsy: think of the true definition (none of this reality show non sense gypsies). I’m talking about the independent, non-conformists to industrial or urban life. With this idea in your head you’ll see dresses, tops, bottoms, and undergarments that you won’t find in a typical mall. It’s clothing to let passerby's know that you follow no one else’s tune but your own.
This 60‘s inspired dress has its own unique Goth look to it. Add an ornate head piece and turquoise crucifix necklace…how does this not scream classy non-conformist!

The Warrior bit - when you think warrior you think of a person who is unafraid, strong, and can kick some ass! So, what about crushing the idea behind a fashion faux pas?
Admire this iPhone case for example. Usually you’ll find girls toting around their ridiculously bedazzled (I’m one I’ll admit) or eco-friendly phone cases. Why not throw a bunch of spikes on it instead to set yourself apart from the crowd?
These are only a few treasures that Gypsy Warrior has to offer. If you happen to live in the vicinity of New Jersey pay them a personal visit so you can try on the clothes first hand. They are located at: 43 Hudson St., Ridgewood, New Jersey. Or you can join me in my pile of drool collecting on my lap top and stalk them at Good luck on trying not to purchase everything you see!
Would you agree that these clothes belong in your closet? Or do you think it’s tasteless?
Melissa Moreno


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