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Sep 23, 2011

VNV Nation – Automatic


VNV Nation is back! The electronic rock pioneers are gearing up for the release of their eighth studio album – Automatic. This widely-anticipated record is a bit more conceptual than past efforts yet still retains the danceable synth melodies and haunting, powerful lyrics that fans have grown to love. The album begins with the static hiss of “On Air” from there the duo continue their futuristic electro pop assault with “Space and Time.” “Resolution” is sure to get the dancefloor moving. The aggro fueled “Control” is one bad ass tune and “Nova” is an epic piece that reminds you why Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson are still creating music together after 20 years.  In their latest effort, the duo has succeeded in creating an album that expresses a variety of moods and atmospheres. Automatic contains all the classic VNV elements: dark electronic beats, sweeping synths, and Ronan’s unique vocals. Fans will be pleased. - NIN

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