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Feb 2, 2011

Artist Profile – Trish Alaskey

Sometimes you find emerging talent in unlikely places. Case in point: Trish Alaskey. Trish is a sweet, down-to-earth individual who exhibits the spirit of an artist. I knew her for about a year before finding out she harbored the hidden talents of a painter. In fact, it wasn’t until she posted one of her paintings on Facebook that I found out just how talented she is.

BM: When did you start painting?

I always loved painting, ever since I was a little girl, but I really didn’t start concentrating on it until recently. It wasn’t until this past July that I started painting seriously with the intent to sell.
BM:Are you a self taught artist?

For the most part, yes. The only formal classes I’ve taken were in high school, but boy did I have an amazing teacher. I keep in touch with her today, Janice Winegar. She made it fun!

BM: Tell us about your style and what influences your art?

I paint still lifes but in a macro kind of way - mostly wine… red wine to be exact. I love, love, love to play with color. I have found that I am influenced mostly by people in my life. The first painting I ever sold was inspired by my Aunt Karen - one of the strongest and most beautiful women I’ve ever known. I don’t intentionally sit down and decide to paint with a specific person in mind. It just happens that way for whatever reason. It really works for me. My friends and family are my life, so I always tend to bring them along with me everywhere I go. I keep them all in a sort of library catalog in my mind. I have them labeled and call on them in my head when I need the strength or compassion or confidence to get through whatever silly thing I have going on that day.

BM: Can you tell me a bit about the materials you use?

Well, I’m very new to this, as I said, so I haven’t really had the chance to play too much. As of right now I work with acrylics. But, I am getting to the point where I’d like to start playing with lots of different type of things. I think I’ll try oils out next. I actually just completed my first mixed media piece and can’t wait to share it. It came out better than I expected. Fur is involved, faux fur, settle down LA.

BM: What has being an artist taught you?

I’ve learned to appreciate things I never noticed before. I’m starting to see everything very differently now, and I tend to take my time more with the little things that most people would probably take for granted. Things like shapes and shades and the many different colors that all come together to form to the color that you think you see.

BM: How do you feel art, fashion, and music influence each other?

Wow, that’s a good question. Art, fashion, and music are all intertwined in my mind. Each one is a part of every single person in this world in one way or another. Without one of those three things life would be meaningless and bland. Side note: When I paint I listen to music. I also happen to be wearing only the most fashionable smocks money can buy.

BM: What artists do you admire?

Oh my, I can find an admiration for every artist I meet in one way or another. Artists are fascinating people, as we know. I get lost in their worlds and never want to leave. I try to learn a little something from each one of them to add to my own creativity. I will tell you though; I was and continue to be completely intrigued with Eve Plumb. She is a friend of mine and an incredible artist, self taught. She woke me up. She brought painting back into my life without even realizing she did it. And, she took the time to get me on track and even took me shopping for my first bunch of supplies! 

BM: Do you have any other artistic talents?

I love to write, poetry mostly. (Again, inspired by influential people in my life.) I’ve done impressions for most of my life oh…and I also juggle...a little.

BM: What are some of your favorite places in Los Angeles:

To shop: I love boutique shops. LA has so many wonderful boutiques but Tujunga Village is a favorite for me.

Dinner: My boyfriend Aaron and I LOVE sushi. Our favorite sushi stop is Ahi Sushi on Ventura and Coldwater in Studio City. Looks like a hole in the wall but boy is it great!

Hang out: My most favorite place to ‘hang out’ is The Magic Castle. I love old Hollywood, and I love magic. It also happens to be where I spend most of my time as the head of Membership Services. How lucky am I?!

BM: What would you like to be remembered for?

Hmm, I’ve never really thought about it but I guess I’d like to be remembered as a great friend to the people I love in my life. I give what I expect to be given in return - love, trust and respect. In the end, that is all that matters, to me anyway. Fame and fortune fade but love never dies.

BM: Where can people purchase your work?

We just started putting together a website,, which will hopefully be up and running in the next few months. In the meantime you can view most of my pieces on Facebook at and you are welcome to contact me at if you see something you like.

Interview by Nikki Neil, Photos by Jennifer Ovadia

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  1. Thanks for posting this interview. I just discovered her work and love it.


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