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Dec 21, 2010

Just Moda! - Holiday Fashion Happy Hour

Just Moda! hosted a Holiday Fashion Happy Hour, which featured 15 unique designers in a live pop up boutique. 10% of ticket sales went to Marissa Harris did a great job of pulling together of number of local designers that had something different to offer than the standard fare I’ve been seeing lately.

My favorite booth featured custom tassels, ornate bustiers, head bands, and cuffs from a designer who is also a burlesque dancer. Sadly, she didn’t have her cards and I’ve yet to hear from her, but when I do I’ll post a link to her site.

Team B Ventures had some nice wooden bangles and pendants featuring various designs. The cool thing about these is that you can send them your family pictures (or any photo) and they’ll create a custom piece for you.

Laura Amazzone makes Deity Necklaces, which are spiritually charged to promote healing, transformation, and self-empowerment not only to the wearer but to all who come in contact with them. She was also selling her book “Goddess Durga & Sacred Female Power”.

Susan Jane had a fabulous mix of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings constructed from vintage and antique jewelry. Each piece utilized earrings, pins, bracelets, necklaces, and chains from the mid 20th century to the 1980's. They were beautiful, bold statement pieces that could be worn to a red carpet event or a simple cocktail party.

Divinely Fresh showed off their custom baby wipe cases that are perfect for stylish moms and moms-to-be. For more info e-mail Karla at

Aura Henna had hand-made candles that featured custom Henna designs. The company will also custom wooden frames and other items with various Henna patterns for you. For more info e-mail Insiya at

Leg Candy had some very creative printed leggings for the adventurous individual that likes to make a statement. The patterns were fun and designer Alejandra Viana also uses the left over material to create bow barrettes and necklaces.

Vis a Vis had some beautiful and delicate jewelry that was made from precious metal, clay, fine silver, sterling silver, 22k gold, bronze, and semi-precious stones. French designer Virginie "Vie" Blakey loves to channel themes from the old world when making her creations. She also takes custom orders. or

There were other designers with lots of great stuff. Hopefully, I’ll hear about future events and will post dates so you can go and buy some cool merchandise. Until then, be sure to visit the merchants’ online stores.

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil. Top in opening photo courtesy of LisaMichelle.


  1. Hi Nikki!

    Thanks for the post! I will definitely let you know when our next event is! The designer that makes the tassels is sassafrass, and her site is

    All the Best!

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