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Sep 28, 2018

Betrayed – World Premiere

I was fortunate enough to attend the premiere party for Betrayed at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. A number of celebrities, including cast members, were in attendance and everyone was dressed to the nines!
Attendees included the film’s director Harley Wallen and his lovely wife Kaiti Wallen who is the star of the film. Among the fellow cast members were John Savage, Richard Tyson, Billy Wirth, Yan Birch, TJ Storm, and Blanca Blanco. A number of actors/actresses also came out to show their support including Billy Zane, Jake Busey, Mel Novak, Felissa Rose, Naomi Grossman, Scout Taylor-Compton, Tom Berenger, Tara Reid, and my favorite gal Vida Ghaffari. Harley wore a custom made suit designed by Michael Ferrera. Vida and Kaiti's gowns were designed by Mathilde Badji Couture.

                                                      Designer Mathilde Badji

Betrayed was a personal project for Harley. He was inspired to write the storyline after seeing the numbers for human trafficking, which are highlighted at the start of the film. The action packed thriller delves deep into the world of human trafficking. John Savage plays Mayor Don Alderman, who attempts to gain back control over his city by opening the doors to the Russian Mob. When he realizes he is losing control he sides with the Cartel in an effort to push out the Russians. When the Russians find out they have been set up they take the Mayer’s daughter Marie Alderman (Kaiti Wallen).

The film, which has already won 3 Gold Movie Awards, features an impressive cast and presents a well-crafted multi-layered plot that seamlessly interweaves the various characters involved. Catch it in theaters on Oct 2nd. – NIN


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