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Mar 15, 2018

Mystic Posse Live At Toi

Toi on Sunset, a legendary restaurant in Los Angeles, is known for its superb Thai cuisine set in a rock and roll atmosphere. Famous celebrities in the film and music industries frequent there—such as Quentin Tarrantino and Lady Gaga among many others—and often you will see Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. However, this particular evening we had a chance to watch the owners, Jackie and Michael O’Brien, perform at their CD release party, for their new album titled Where or When, to a packed house.

The set started off with their rock n roll anthem "Raised on Rock," fueled by plenty of energy from all members. This was followed immediately by the song "One Track Mind,” which was sung in French and English. The music then shifted to the more melodic musings of "Baby Me Baby," which carried the same enthusiasm. The excellent vocals from both Jackie and Michael became intertwined in the melodies as their voices came together. With this, the tunes became increasingly more intense and the rest of the band really came into their own.

When the songs "Still Got My Truck," "Make It Last," and "Where or When" were performed the audience could tell that there was much more to this band than the vocals. The guitar player, Aaron Bullock, was amazing and the rhythm section of Michael Garcia (drums) and Jeff Hemming (bass) kept the backbone steady throughout. The rest of the set, which consisted of "IP...Oh," "Twilight," and "Final Phase," highlighted the guitar playing and the vocals, which felt like a cross between Jim Morrison and David Bowie.

We are looking forward to another show from Mystic Posse, as we know it will be amazing. The album Where Or When includes more songs like the must hear "Western Sky" and is definitely worth picking up. It can be found on all platforms: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify. If you get a chance to see them live we highly recommend it.

Review by: Chain Guard Harris


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