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Feb 29, 2016

The KVB – Of Desire

(Metropolis Records)

Nicholas Woods and Kat Day are the creative force behind the London based audio/visual project known as The KVB. This dynamic duo already has a handful of impressive releases under their belts and their latest, Of Desire, is just as noteworthy.

Teetering between several worlds The KVB’s sound is not easily categorized. Their style is a masterful blend of early Goth, nu-wave, and shoegaze with the occasional hooky pop chorus thrown in for good measure. Of Desire resonates with a dark, mysterious undercurrent that is accentuated by Woods’ murmuring vocals, minimal synth melodies, and hypnotic drum beats.

This surprising little gem begins with “White Walls” – a light and airy electronic piece reminiscent of Joy Division. From there the sonic journey continues with “Lower Depths,” which blends shoegaze with industrial undertones, and “Silent Wave” (a great tune that boarders on darkwave). Other highlights include: “Never Enough,” “In Deep,” and “Awake.” The excursion concludes with “Second Encounter” - a fitting closing track for a very engaging album. Do yourself a favor and check out Of Desire when it’s released on March 11th. – NIN


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