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Jan 29, 2016

Vaute Couture – Animal Friendly Fashion

We have mad love for our furry friends so we were excited to hear about Vaute Couture – a company that produces compassionate animal friendly apparel and accessories that appeals to vegans and non-vegans. An animal lover since birth designer/founder Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart embarked on a mission to take animals out of the fashion equation and create a winter dress coat that was warm, chic, and vegan. This passion led to the birth of Vaute ("Haute" with a "V" for Vegan, pronounced “Vote”) Couture - the world’s first all-vegan fashion brand. Leanne makes her beautiful creations by using eco-conscious fabrics made from a blend of organics and recycled fibers. The end result is a super warm, water-resistant, wind-proof garment that has the look and feel of a wool coat with the warmth and protection of a ski coat and spares sheep from painful mutilations on farms. Check out Leanne’s stylish designs at www.vautecouture.comNIN


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