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Feb 23, 2015

Ritual – Imaginative, Powerful Looks For The Fearless Individual

Hailing from Los Angeles, designers Cassidy Haley and Jillian Ann create fantasy-inspired pieces, featuring gowns, harnesses, corsets, and knitwear with references to mythology, magic, and superheroes under the moniker RITUAL. Their designs are consistently edgy, sexy, and dangerous while remaining chic and comfortable. 

The RITUAL line is known for its dramatic, wondrous couture gowns, as well as exceptionally tailored leather jackets and pants. The duo always pay remarkable attention to detail and quality with every piece.

 RITUAL prides itself in innovation - combining form and function. The company considers the environment and sustainability in their manufacturing by sourcing only eco-friendly materials and paying living wages to family-run factories. 

RITUAL’s designs exude the streetwise aesthetic of Los Angeles fashion, merged with the darkness and beauty of an extraordinary fairytale. To purchase these exquisite creations visit



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